Three times Russell Kane made us cry with laughter
Three times Russell Kane made us cry with laughter

Three times Russell Kane made us cry with laughter

Multi-award-winning UK comedy star Russell Kane is back in Dubai with his new stand-up show at the end of September at Dubai Opera.

The hyperactive, quick-thinking and fast-talking comic has been one of the funniest men on the planet for a while now. He’s a TV natural and has hosted BBC’s Stupid Man and Smart Phone.

But it’s his socially conscious social media rants that have often put him in the spotlight, creating videos that quickly go viral.

Virtually no topic is off-limits for him. And thanks to his energetic style, incredible facial expressions and deadpan delivery, he really knows how to deliver a punchline.

So, ahead of his first Dubai show for four years, we decided to go on a little chuckle-trip down memory lane and bring you his greatest hits ahead of his show.

Russell Kane Hates People Who Know How To Sleep

Russell rants about the two types of people in this world – are you group A or group B? Be honest!

British People Are UNFRIENDLY When Abroad

Taken from his debut live special ‘Russell Kane Live’ Russell discusses how uptight the British public are compared to other nations, and the behaviour of a typical 15-year-old.

Men Who Are Bad at DIY

Part of Russell’s Kaneing series where Russell lets loose on a range of topical issues. And on this one, he asks why we keep shaming men who are bad at DIY.

To be honest, this really spoke to us!

If, like us, you’re a big Russell Kane fan, you can grab your tickets here.