Toyota UAE Racetrack Day Experience Speeding Naughy Motorists
Photograph credit: Toyota UAE

Toyota UAE Invites “Naughty” Motorists For Racetrack Day

Car maker mogul Toyota has struck a nerve with some viewers after releasing a video clip inviting “naughty” motorists to register for a racetrack day experience.

“Naughty” motorists invited for racetrack day by Toyota UAE

In the 45-second video shared via social media, various motorists were shown with the number of speeding tickets they’ve amassed this year, followed by footage of a person dressed up as Santa Claus drifting a vehicle with a message on screen, “This festive season, don’t take it out on the road, take it out on the track.”

Hundreds of viewers reacted to the video with a mixed bag of responses. Some claimed it’s a “good initiative” and want “bad drivers off the road”, while some say it’s “ridiculous” of Toyota to make it sound “cool to speed and reward those” who drive incautiously.

Toyota issues a response to the controversy

With all the criticism surrounding the video, Toyota UAE responded:

“We don’t believe that reckless drivers belong on our roads and would rather they channel their energy in a controlled environment on the tracks where they’re not putting other people’s lives at stake. Hope you understand.”

Racetrack day experience open to all motorists

Meanwhile, Toyota UAE clarified the initiative isn’t only targeting motorists with hefty fines, but to all motorists with a valid UAE driving license. All you have to do is register yourself on this link and submit your contact details. It’s a free event.

It’s one of the few times a campaign in the UAE was received with heavy criticism. Last August saw a billboard ad on Sheikh Zayed Road removed for false advertising.