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An Asian motorist passed away after accidentally reversing his car through the wall of a multi-storey car park at Cargo Village, Dubai Airport.

Car plunged from the third floor

According to Dubai Police, the driver was trying to reverse park his car but failed to stop it. The vehicle ended up breaking through a wall and falling from the third floor of the car park, landing onto the road below. The incident happened around 8 am on Thursday, 31st October.

Asian Car Motorist Dubai Airport Cargo Village Parking Passed Away Fall Plunge Ground Dubai Police

Photograph for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Needpix

Motorist did not survive the fall

Dubai Police were alerted to the accident and immediately deployed its emergency teams to the location but sadly the driver had been killed during the incident.

Further investigations are ongoing.

Outpour of condolences for the motorist

After the details of the incident were shared by Dubai Police on Facebook, people left comments offering their condolences towards the unfortunate driver and his family. There was also speculation about how this could have happened, but at present, there is no official report about what exactly caused the driver to lose control of the car at Dubai Airport.

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