Photograph credit: The Warehouse Gym

Training For Du Tough Mudder Kicks Off At The Warehouse Gym

Hell yeah! du is bringing the world-renowned obstacle race Tough Mudder back to Dubai for its third edition, giving participants the chance to train and get ready for the challenge at The Warehouse Gym, their official training partner.

Challenge accepted!

During a preview event last Friday, we were introduced to a range of outdoor challenges including combinations of cardio and weights along with burpees, forward lunges, push-ups and crunches. The first challenge required jumping on an elevated platform 20 times, followed by crunches.

Next up, attendees were required to run half a lap with kettlebells ranging from 8-16 kgs (Tip: The faster you run, the lesser the weight pressure on your arms) followed by burpees. The final outdoor challenge was to complete a lap in front leg stretches while holding a 10 kg weight plate with our hands unstretched.

Burn 36 calories in one minute, no way!

While returning to The Warehouse Gym, the coaches introduced us to one of their favorite challenges: The 36 calories challenge, wherein one has to burn 25 calories on a bike within a minute. The faster you cycle, the more calories you burn.

Photograph credit: The Warehouse Gym

Dubai twist to du Tough Mudder

Speaking to DubaiLAD, Christian Moufarrej, Event Director at du Tough Mudder says what makes Tough Mudder in Dubai different from its counterparts worldwide is the “environment it is in.” He said, “It’s the biggest obstacle event in the world. It [has] attracted over 3 million participants and what we do great here is that we adapt du Tough Mudder to the environment it is in. There’s nothing like the sand and the desert for any other Tough Mudder in the world. Only in Dubai, you can find that.”

Watch out for new challenges

More challenges this time! One of them is ‘Walk the Plank,’ a test for “fear of heights and water.” Moufarrej said, “We’ve got a lot of tough ones from last year, which is ‘Electroshock Therapy’ [and] ‘Arctic Animal.’ However, this year, we have some brand new obstacles by the name of ‘Walk The Plank’ that will test your fear of heights and water.”

Save the dates: 7th-8th December

du Tough Mudder will take place at Hamdan Sports Complex from 7th-8th December. Tickets are available on their official website, starting from Dhs360 for Tough Mudder and for Dhs55 for Mini Mudder for the little ones. Its official training partner, The Warehouse Gym has a series of specially curated training plans one can register.