Photograph credit: Nicepik

Trip to an ice cream store lands zookeeper with 2 fines

Without informing official authorities, Calgary’s Discovery Wildlife Park took a bear out in a pick-up to Dairy Queen and fed ice cream.


Widespread criticism has been raised against the bear posing a threat

Since the video was posted showing a Dairy Queen staff feeding the bear, it didn’t take long for the video to get viral but has been received with furious reactions commenting against the bear as a threat to the public. In a video posted by The Guardian, there have been comments against Canadians being too liberal about taking animals outside zoos.

Charges have been made against the zoo

Discovery Wildlife Park, the shelter provider for the bear, have been charged for failing to inform Fail and Wildlife, the necessary authority. Surprisingly, they hadn’t informed the authority about admitting the bear in last year, for which they’re facing charges too.


Zoo’s permit is going through revision

Even though the zoo has had a decent record of not facing fines in its 28 years of operations, their in-compliance with Fish and Wildlife has called for a revision to their permit, which will involve the Alberta Zoo Standards and could lead to shutting down the zoo.