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Twisted Firestarter Charged For Arson Attack On Six Vehicles

For the sake of earning Dhs 600, an intoxicated man destroyed six vehicles in an arson attack and is now being charged by Dubai Police, according to Khaleej Times.

The arsonist set fire to six cars while drunk

Identified as a 23-year-old unemployed Asian man, he set one car ablaze by pouring petrol and lighting it up with a cigarette lighter while drunk. An Indian man, who witnessed the incident, offered him Dhs 600 to spread the fire, which he accepted and set alight five cars, which belonged to six companies

No stranger to arson attacks

When presented to the public prosecution, the Asian man admitted his involvement in another arson attack in Jebel Ali on 30th June. A cop from Dubai Police said, “Upon his arrest, the defendant admitted to being involved in other similar complaints. There were several other arson complaints with the same modus operandi. So we had a warrant issued from the public prosecution to interrogate the suspect.”

Defendant charged with three counts of arson

Dubai First Court of Instance has charged the 23-year-old man with three counts of arson, with evidence showing six cars being destroyed by his attack. A final court decision will be made on 17th December. “He led us to where the gutted cars were parked. He confessed he had accomplices,” Dubai Police said.