Two huge nuggets of gold found in Australia
Two huge nuggets of gold found in Australia

Two gold diggers strike it lucky with two nuggets worth AED1.3 million

Two Australian miners have struck literal gold as they found two gold nuggets worth AED1.3 million.

The gold nuggets weigh in at a bicep-bulging 3.5kg and were found near gold-mining hub Tarnagulla in Victoria State.

The men used spades to dig up the ground near the find and then metal detectors to hone in on the nuggets. And incredibly, the two huge nuggets were found just a few hours apart making it a hugely unlikely find.

“These are definitely one of the most significant finds,” said one of the miners Ethan West. “To have two large chunks in one day is quite amazing.”

‘Pure relief’

The pair were filming on the Gold Hunters show on the Discovery Channel which recently aired.

Ethan has picked up thousands of pieces of gold during his four years as a gold miner, but this is by far the biggest find. Gold mining started in Australia in the 1850s and remains a large industry in the country.

The crew faced several challenges in the run-up to finding the nuggets, including issues with permits and licenses. But there were smiles all around for the team when they hit gold.

“I see the prospect of making a lot of money,” he said. “When you see the size of the nugget and start working out what it’s worth, that’s pure relief.”

Anyone else fancy emigrating to the Aussie outback and becoming a gold miner? There’s definitely enough space over there to mine while being maintaining your social distance!

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