Two Saudis Arrested For Dancing Amid Traffic In Viral Video

Days after a viral video showed two Saudi motorists dancing in between a congested road, they’ve been arrested by police in Saudi Arabia.

Viral video of Saudis dancing during traffic

A viral video emerged last week of a group of Saudi motorists were shown stepping out of their tuned semi-pick-ups with flashing indicators on to dance in between of a congested road while the signal was on red light. The video shows them dancing as their friends revved the engines and performed turbo flutters. Check it out:

Motorists arrested

Saudi police officials launched an investigation to track the motorists. With the help of the viral video, they identified the motorists’ vehicle number plates and were able to track their location. They’ve now been arreste. The police and concerned authorities are still in search for rest of the motorists involved in the incident.

Not the first dance-related arrest

Two years ago, police in Saudi Arabia arrested a 14-year-old boy for dancing to the iconic pop song, “Macarena.” The boy was filmed performing the steps on a street in front of two SUVs in Jeddah. After the video reached the authorities, police arrested him for causing “improper public behaviour,” calling his actions “immoral.”