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Tyson Fury Fires Shots At Anthony Joshua, Says He’s “Finished”

There has been a never-ending string of opinion in the wake of Anthony Joshua’s nightmarish loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. two weeks ago, and Tyson Fury has come out spitting fire at the former Heavyweight champ.

Anthony Joshua TKO’d in the seventh round

American-Mexican boxer Andy Ruiz Jr staged one of the greatest shocks in heavyweight boxing history, beating Anthony Joshua (22-1, 21 KOs) on his US debut. Ruiz, who was touted as a massive underdog, managed to overturn Joshua’s 1/25 odds and become the first heavyweight-boxing champion of Mexican descent.

Anthony Joshua is “finished,” says Tyson Fury

British boxing champion Tyson Fury lashed out at the 29-year-old boxer, who lost his WBA, IBF, IBO and WBO titles after losing to Andy Ruiz Jr. Fury said, “It’s been done many different times by many different fighters. He did it that night and I don’t think he will come back from it. Finished. Ask any top trainer who has been around the sport a lifetime. When he got to the ring I saw he didn’t want to be there.”

Tyson Fury explains how Andy Ruiz Jr. won the fight

If you followed the fight, you’ve probably noticed how both Ruiz and Joshua looked different physically. Fury claims it doesn’t matter how much a boxer sweats it out at the gym, it doesn’t help when being hit on the chin. Fury said, “Boxing isn’t rocket science and today people are trying to make it a scientist thing. If you can fight you can fight if you can’t you can forget about it. You can eat every protein bar in the world, when you get banged on the chin and panic, it don’t really help you much.”