UAE Mars Hope
UAE Mars Hope

UAE aims for the stars with Mars spacecraft this summer!

The UAE is putting the finishing touches to Hope, the UAE’s first spacecraft destined for Mars this summer.

The Hope will study the atmosphere on Mars for two years from a high altitude position, taking in vital weather readings across a full Martian weather cycle.

Crucially, these spacecraft readings will help UAE scientists find out why Mars changed from a warm and wet planet to the cold, barren place it is today.

The Hope will take an elliptical orbit approach from 12,400 miles to 27,000 miles above the surface. This will give scientists a global view of the weather, conditions and changes in temperature.

To boldly go…

The Hope spacecraft is the latest step into the unknown for the UAE.

They put Emirati astronaut on a Russian rocket last year and sent Hazzaa al-Mansoori to the International Space Station for eight days.

The Hope spacecraft is a groundbreaking move for the UAE, who have teamed up with American engineers to perfect their first interstellar spacecraft.

And the collaborative process is vital according to Omran Sharaf, the project manager for the Emirates’ Mars mission. “They want to accelerate the process. Don’t start from scratch. Work with others. Take it to the next level now.”

The launch time is no coincidence. The planets literally align this summer, making the Mars trip a relatively short one of just 300 million miles. The trip should take around seven months when The Hope will start beaming back its measurements.