75% of Dubai disinfected

UAE announces the National Sterilisation Programme is completed

The UAE has announced that it’s completed its National Sterilisation Programme, meaning all movement restrictions have been lifted.

Some of the restrictions that have been lifted now the UAE sterilisation programmed has been completed, including children under the age of 12 once again being allowed in malls and restaurants. And there’s no daily curfew.

But, as we’ve become used to, all residents must employ social distancing measures and wear masks.

Still no big public gatherings

The UAE has made great strides in reducing the spread of the Coronavirus. And there are still several measures in place to prevent the virus spreading.

Only families are allowed to carry more than three people in a car. And large public gatherings are still not allowed according to Saif Al Dhaheri, spokesperson for the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, UAE.

“We stress that public gatherings are still prohibited, and avoidance of family visits is preferable to ensure the health and safety of all, commitment to social spacing, wearing masks and gloves when leaving the house.”

In other great news, the UAE is the first nation to host Phase III clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine.

If successful, the Covid-19 vaccine could be available to the public by the end of 2020 or in the early part of 2021 according to WAM, the UAE’s news agency.