Neil Kumar UAE-based student passes away death us

UAE-Based Student Passes In Away After Gas Station Robbery In USA

Neil Kumar, a former UAE-based student in the USA, passed away after a thief shot him at a gas station where he worked part-time.

Former UAE-based student

30-year-old Neil Kumar was based in Sharjah. He grew up in the UAE and moved to Alabama to take a course in cybersecurity at Troy University.

Neil Kumar UAE-based student passes away death us

Gas station robbery

On Wednesday, 24th July, Neil opened the convenience store at a gas station in the early hours of the morning.

A masked thief arrived at the store and held him at gunpoint, asking him to give them all the money from the cash box. CCTV footage reveals Neil did as he was told to, but the thief still shot him.

Outpour of tributes

Ramanan Vengali, a relative to Neil, told a local newspaper, “He was the only son and you can never replace an only son. He was such a nice person, and always ready to help, anyone who ever met and made contact with him has been left weeping.”

Update: Alabama Police have caught a 23-year-old man believed to have links with the thief.