UAE Visa fees waived
UAE Visa fees waived

UAE cancels all visa fines and extends grace period

The UAE government has confirmed that all visa fines have been cancelled and the grace period extended for tourists and residents in the country.

With the Coronavirus pandemic closing borders across the world, the travel industry has been thrown into chaos. Leaving tourists and residents stranded across the world.

So the announcement to cancel visa fines will come as welcome news to residents and tourists in the UAE.

The news applies to UAE residency visas and Emirates IDs that expired after March 1. And all renewal fees have been waived for three months for those that expired in March.

The UAE Government also announced that those with expired visas will be given three months from May 18 to leave the country.

Staying with visa-related news, it’s also just been announced that 212 DHA medical workers will be given a Golden Visa.