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UAE Confirms Cases Of New Coronavirus Variant

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has confirmed that a few cases of the new COVID-19 variant that originated in the UK have been detected in the UAE. 

The mutant strain of the virus has been identified in a number of countries including the UK, several other European countries, Australia as well as South Africa and now it’s in the UAE.

The UAE however has one of the lowest COVID-19 mortality rates in the world at 0.3 per cent, the NCEMA said in a briefing on Tuesday. In the week of 23-29 December, more than 900,000 tests were conducted nationwide. The number of confirmed cases was 8,491.

The UAE Remains A Global Example

The rate of positive cases out of the total number of tests remains at a global low of 1 per cent.

At the briefing, the Authority however reaffirmed the need for residents to continue to adhere to all precautionary and preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone. An emphasis was placedon the continuity of the efforts of the health sector and the healthcare workers to contain the virus and limit its spread in the country.

In its tweets, the NCEMA said:

“Thanks to the vision of our leadership, the UAE was a global example to follow in its response to the crisis, and it dealt with the epidemic using a holistic approach which contributed to limiting its spread and reducing its impact on all sectors of the state.”

New Strain Causes Flight Cancellations

With the rise of a new Covid-19 strain which is said to be more easily transmissible, some countries have decided to suspend international flights and with the new, more infectious strain that is believed to have emerged in the UK, a number of countries have temporarily stopped all flights to Britain.

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