UAE Dams rain Monday 6.7 million cubic metres
Photograph credit: National Centre of Meteorology

UAE Dams Collect 6.7 Million Cubic Metres Of Rainwater After Cloud Seeding

As the winter season rolls in, dams across the UAE collected a whopping 6.7 million cubic metres of rainwater after eight cloud seeding operations took place since Friday.

UAE dams collect 6.7 million-cubic metres of rainwater

During Monday’s cloud seeding operations, heavy rains and flash flooding struck the northern Emirates, parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dams across the nation collected a staggering 6.7 million cubic metres of rainwater. Temperatures went as low as 17.3 degrees Celsius on Jebel Jais and 18.9 degrees Celcius on the Mebreh mountain.

Eight cloud seeding operations across the UAE

It’s safe to say the winter season has officially begun in the UAE, after the immense rainfalls. We recommend not taking a road trip to the mountains or wadis this week, as the National Centre of Meteorology predicts more rainfall and cloudiness in the coming days.

Some cars were stranded during Monday’s rains

The National Centre of Meteorology took to Twitter sharing a video of a van and an SUV stranded on the side of a highway in Maliha as massive rains hit the nation. Check it out: