Photograph credit: AFC Asian Cup

UAE Dismisses Reports Of Briton Detained For Wearing Qatar Football Jersey

The UAE has dismissed false reports of a Briton detained in the country, for wearing a Qatar Football jersey during the UAE-Qatar match in the AFC Asian Cup semi-final last month.

False reports about Ali Essa Ahmed detained wearing Qatar football jersey

Last month, a slew of reports made headlines about Ali Essa Ahmed, a dual Sudanese-British citizen being detained for wearing a Qatar football jersey and cheering for their team at the Mohammed bin Zayed stadium in Abu Dhabi, during the AFC Asian Cup semi-final between UAE and Qatar. The Briton was claimed to be beaten up by fans of the UAE national football team.

Instance of “seeking media attention”

As per a statement issued by the UAE Embassy in the UK, the embassy claims Ali Essa Ahmed’s move to wear a Qatar jersey was an instance of “seeking media attention.” An official said, “We are in touch with the UK embassy and due process has been followed. Mr Ahmad speaks Arabic and fully understands the situation he has put himself in. This is an instance of a person seeking media attention and wasting police time.”

Ali Essa Ahmed to stand trial

According to Khaleej Times, the Sudanese-British citizen will stand trial in the UAE. Moreover, the case also comes as a warning not to share fake news in the UAE, on social media. Spreading rumours or fake news about the UAE can lead to a hefty fine of one million dirhams.