UAE drops face mask rules in some places
UAE drops face mask rules in some places

UAE drops face mask rules in some places

The UAE has announced that residents now don’t have to wear face masks in certain areas including exercising in public.

Residents will no longer have to wear face masks when travelling in private vehicles with families of the same household.

And you no longer need to wear a mask for hair and face treatments at the salon. And – good news for those worried about tan lines – you can take your mask off at the beach and the pool.

Masks are not needed for those in closed spaces by themselves. Or while receiving medical treatments at facilities and clinics in the UAE.

The news was announced by the UAE Ministry of Health.

But they emphasised residents still needed to follow the 2-meter distance rule.

It comes after the authorities noticed a decline in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country.

UK to end quarantine for UAE visitors from October 4

It’s been a tough time for British expats in Dubai recently, but life is going to get easier as the UK is relaxing its quarantine rules.

Vaccinated UAE nationals and residents will no longer need to quarantine when visiting the UK from October 4.

The UK is changing its travel rules at the start of October. The previous traffic-light system will be replaced by a green or red system. And the UAE is part of the new system allowing travel between the two countries.