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UAE Embassy Issues Travel Advisory After Paris Riots

UAE’s Embassy in Paris has issued travel advisory for it citizens and residents, after being put on alert during French fuel protests, in Paris.

“Yellow Vest” protests in Paris after increased fuel taxes

Recent weeks saw a public outrage protesting against French President Emmanuel Macron and his decision to raise fuel taxes in the country. The reason for the price hike is to increase France’s budget for spending on clean energy infrastructure. According to Gizmodo, the decision was received negatively by the public, believing the President doesn’t realise how it adds to the burden on the expenses for the middle class. The protesters called the “Yellow Vests” went on to block parts of highways and gas stations across the country.

Mass arrests after fuel riots

Coordinated protests among “Yellow Vests” created havoc across the country and the number of protesters continues to grow. So far, 1,700 people have been arrested for arson attacks, vandalising national monuments like the Arc de Triomphe and for publicly defaming their President. France24 says it’s their “deepest crisis so far.”

UAE Embassy in Paris issues travel advisory

Holidaymakers are being warned not to travel to France by the UAE Embassy in Paris. Citizens residing in the country are advised to stay away from tourist attractions and landmarks. They said, “We recommend that you never exit the residence and avoid going to the Champs-Elysées, Altrakadero Square, The Vendome Square, the Etoile area, the gardens and squares adjacent to the Elysee Palace and other places where there are gatherings.”