UAE footballer breaks world record for hotstepping
UAE footballer breaks world record for hotstepping

UAE footballer breaks Guinness World Record

UAE footballer Areej Al Hammadi has just broken the Guinness World Record for football ‘hot stepping,’ smashing the previous record by more than 30.

Al Hammadi is a UAE footballer for the National Football Team and said it was ‘an amazing feeling to break a Guinness World Records title.’

“It’s a proud moment an achievement for me, for my name to be on there, for my country, and for women around the world. I’m really happy.”

What is hot stepping?

Hot stepping is when you use your feet to bounce the ball on the ground keeping it under total control. The previous record of 56 was set this March in the UK, but Al Hammadi smashed that record, going on to 86.

The challenge took place in Mirdif on a concrete pitch and using a FIFA-approved football.

And even more impressively, she didn’t even know the trick existed until she saw the challenge on social media.

“Honestly, I didn’t really know the trick before I saw the challenge,” she said. “I looked it up and I saw the video and I felt I understood the technique. After that, I just practised until I was comfortable with it, and I gave it a go.” Inspiring stuff, well done!

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