Stolen Cars Ajman
Stolen Cars Ajman

UAE gang busted after stealing 83 cars

Ajman Police have been busy the last few months after they busted one of a huge UAE gang after they stole and sold 83 cars.

The gang smuggled nearly 100 cars out of the UAE with a total value of AED6.35 million.

The arrest was one of the most complicated and co-ordinated busts ever tackled by the Ajman Police and involved three months of investigation. But finally, their ‘Containers of Darkness’ mission was successful as 12 gang members were arrested.

How the gang worked

The gang used people on visit visas to the region to help steal cars. They then stole and sold the cars on as their own at half the retail value. Meanwhile, as the cars had originally been hired on a visit visa, it made it difficult for the police to track suspects as they’d left the country.

Impressively, over half the cars were eventually recovered. Working alongside police in other countries, the Ajman Police force recovered 55 of the cars.

They’re also still on the look-out for two suspects and are working with Interpol to get them arrested. Big ups the Ajman Police!

Staying in the motoring world, there’s better news on the horizon. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix looks like it’s happening this December!