UAE giving away AED5.5m if you can make it rain
UAE giving away AED5.5m if you can make it rain

UAE giving away AED5.5m grants if you can make it rain

The UAE is giving away grants of AED5.5 million if you can help make it rain in the UAE. And no, sadly, we don’t think rain dances will cut it.

The National Centre of Meteorology is hoping the new grants will streamline the current process.

Currently, the National Rain Enhancement Programme uses hundreds of cloud seeding flights each year which fire salt flares into clouds. But they’re hoping for some seriously clever ideas and proposals to make it rain even harder. Eventually making the UAE “a global hub for rain enhancement”.

“While doing so, we seek to bring new perspectives to rain enhancement research and support the development of demand-driven solutions that can address the most pressing water-security challenges in the years to come,” said the centre’s director, Dr Abdulla Al Mandous.

Dry another day

The UAE is one of the driest countries in the world, with an average rainfall of just 100mm a year.

The NCM think their cloud-seeding missions increase rainfall by a third. But they’re now looking for outside help with weather modelling and increasing their efficiency. To date, there have been nine grants for cloud seeding since 2015. And if you are interested, you have until early 2021 to get your proposals over to this website here.

“This will help us direct our future research efforts towards areas with broader implications for arid regions to address their most pressing water security challenges,” said Alya Al Mazroui, the programme’s director of research.

The news comes as the UAE officially enters its rainy season tomorrow.

Dubai starts the Al Wasm rainy season on October 16 which runs until December 6. And as well as cooler temperatures – which we’ve all been pleased to feel recently – it also marks an increase in rainfall.

And the rains came early to many parts of the UAE as big storms swept in recently.