UAE citizens turn social media profiles red in support of Palestine
UAE citizens turn social media profiles red in support of Palestine

UAE Instagram profiles turn red in support of Palestine

Instagram users in the UAE have started turning their account profile pictures red in a show of support with Palestine.

With violence at its highest point for years between Israel and Palestine, social media users have united online to show their support. And thousands of Instagram users are showing their support for Palestine by changing their social media icon to a dark red colour.

One high profile account to have turned red is Maha Jaafar, a Unicef National ambassador.

UAE Minister of State, Khalifa Al Marar has called for Israel to effectively cease firing on Palestine. He said authorities in Israel must “assume their responsibilities in line with international law to provide necessary protection to Palestinian civilians’ right to practice their religion and to prevent practices that violate the sanctity of the holy Al Aqsa Mosque”.

Tensions started to rise last week when Israel revealed plans to build hundreds of new homes in East Jerusalem. Many were concerned this would cut off East Jerusalem from Bethlehem and undermine the peace process in the region.

Violent clashes then started last Friday between Israeli police and Palestinians at Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

The violence has since escalated over the past week with hundreds of missiles raining down on Palestine and Israel. It’s already the worst fighting for years in the region, but some fear this could very quickly turn into a war between the two sides.