UAE Loto
UAE Loto

UAE launches new Loto with weekly prizes up to AED35 million

Not only is this entire post free from the C-word, it also brings you the excellent news that the UAE is launching a new weekly Loto.

The first of its kind in the Arab world, the Emirates Loto weekly draw lets you win weekly prizes of up to AED35 million.

Tickets for the UAE Loto are AED35 and can be bought in shops or online. And while there is a delivery charge for online, we’d definitely recommend that as the safer option right now.

Each card will come with a unique six-digit number. Match that with the numbers each week, and you’re a winner.

Three matching numbers will get you another free ticket while getting four numbers and you’ll win AED300.

The big money comes for five and six numbers. Get five matching numbers and you’ll receive up to AED10 million. And hit the jackpot with six numbers and you’ll get up to AED35 million. A truly game-changing amount of money.

Pick your own

Alternatively, you can pick your own combination of ‘lucky numbers’ and hope you win big. The numbers run from 1 to 49.

The draw takes place at 7.30 pm every Saturday, with tickets available for that draw up to two hours beforehand. Check the Emirates Loto website for the live stream or to get the numbers after they’ve been drawn.

Get a collectable

To work alongside Sharia principles, each ticket is collectable and will feature local landmarks.

Emirates Loto states on its website: ‘As per the Islamic Fatwa and Sharia principles, there needs to be an exchange of value. You can buy the Collectable for collection purposes only and decline the option to enter the free entry to the draw.’

Good luck, guys!

And look, we made it all the way to the end of the feature without mentioning the C-word!

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