UAE named one of the top 10 countries to be during the Covid-19 pandemic
UAE named one of the top 10 countries to be during the Covid-19 pandemic

UAE named one of the top 10 countries to live in during the pandemic

The UAE has been ranked as the 8th best country to live in during the recent pandemic by Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking.

The UAE was the top-ranked Arab country and scored 69.7 on the index. The ranking measures how well a country dealt with ‘containing the virus with the least amount of social and economic disruption’.

Singapore took the top spot ahead of New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Israel was praised for its high vaccination rate of 57.4% of its population. The UAE was second having vaccinated 47.4% of people during the pandemic.

Saudi Arabia was the next best country coming in 16th. They’re then followed by the US at 17 and the UK at 18.

Bloomberg used a wide range of data to judge how well the country or destination had coped with the least social and economic disruption. These include mortality rates, testing and vaccination rates and freedom of movement.

Dubai and Emirates launch ‘full digital’ Covid-19 passport

Emirates and Dubai Health Authority have teamed up to create a passport containing ‘digital COVID-19 medical records’ for UAE based travellers.

Emirates can now processs PCR tests and Covid-19 vaccinations online during flight check-in. Meaning customers don’t need to take their proof of a negative test with them, resulting in faster processing times.

And more time at the airport shops, bars and restaurants – which is a winner in our book!

Emirates will also look after your data. Once the Covid-19 passport information has been processed, any medical records will be ‘immediately discarded from the Emirates systems.’

The digital Covid-19 passport is the first-of-its-kind agreement between an airline and a government health authority.