UAE officially enters 'planning stage for recovery' after Covid-19
UAE officially enters 'planning stage for recovery' after Covid-19

UAE officially enters ‘planning stage for recovery’ after Covid-19

The UAE is officially entering the ‘planning stage for recovery’ from Covid-19 according to a press conference held last night.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) set out the steps they’ve taken so far to counter the crisis.

And they announced that they’re now officially planning ahead so that the UAE can ensure a ‘gradual return to normal life’ after Covid-19.

As part of that, the government has set up a National Covid19 Crisis Recovery Management and Governance Committee.

The NCEMA also announced the latest testing figures, with more than 100,000 tests recently carried out.

New Coronavirus vaccine has 90% success rate

In other Covid-19 news, a new Coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech has a 90% success rate. And it could be deployed by the end of the year.

The vaccine is in the third and final stage of testing. And 90% of those with the vaccine were protected from Coronavirus within 28 days of having the jab. The trial involved 43,538 volunteers, with just 94 people developing Coronavirus after the jab and none with serious health concerns.

“Today is a great day for science and humanity. The first set of results from our Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trial provides the initial evidence of our vaccine’s ability to prevent COVID-19,” said Pfizer chairman and chief executive Dr Albert Bourla.

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