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UAE Passport Now The Most Powerful In The World

Just in time for the 47th National Day, UAE nationals have another reason to celebrate as their passport earned the highest ranking in the Global Passport Power Rank index, with visa-free access to 167 countries.

UAE Passport leads passport ranking

Emiratis can enjoy visa-free access to 113 countries and visa-on-arrival in 54 countries. With this record, the UAE leads the global passport rankings with access to 167 countries, taking over Singapore and Germany’s record, having visa-free access to 166 counties. In the Middle East, Kuwait comes second, with access to 96 countries.

MOFAIC the team behind passport ranking

UAE Foreign Minister, His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) team are responsible for making UAE’s Passport the most valuable in the ranks. It’s been a long way behind making the passport number one. Two years ago, the passport stood at number 27 on the global ranks.

Passport ranking in line with ‘Year of Zayed’

2018 has been a special year for the UAE, marking the centennial anniversary of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founding father. With this year’s national initiative being ‘Year of Zayed,’ celebrating his legacy, Sheikh Abdullah believes making the UAE passport the most powerful in the global ranks is a “reflection of the legacy” of the former President. He said, “This achievement is a true reflection of the legacy of Sheikh Zayed, the Founding Father of the UAE. It also underscores what can be achieved through positive diplomacy, reflecting the UAE as a confident and engaged force at the global stage.”