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UAE Passport Officially Named As Best Of The Decade

A report by the Global Passport Index has officially named the UAE passport as the greatest of the decade with a record breaking score.

Record breaking mobility score

The UAE passport holds a record breaking mobility score of 179. The score represents an individual’s level of freedom of global mobility with higher scores reflecting increased freedom. In the last ten years, the UAE passport has seen a 161 percent increase in its power and gained visa waivers to 111 countries.

The UAE achieved its ambition of first place

The report revealed that the UAE had ambitions to reach first place before the end of 2018 after getting into the top 5 three years sooner than expected.

Since the inception of the Passport Force Initiative in 2017, the Passport Index closely followed and documented the progress of the UAE passport. As their goal to rise within the Top 5 was achieved three years ahead of time, their momentum and mission grew stronger as they strived to reach first place before the end of 2018,” read the report.

Excerpt from Global Passport Index Report

Saudi Arabia also ranked as one of the fastest growing passports with nine visa waivers and others like Qatar, Rwanda, Ukraine, Macao, and Indonesia also showed huge growth and progress in the power of their passport in 2019.

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