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Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

UAE Ranks As Most Expensive Country In The Middle East For Internet

A report of 195 countries shows the UAE ranks among the expensive countries in the world for internet services, and ranks first in the Middle East.

Dhs 577 per month in the UAE for internet

Internet is so vital in our lives nowadays. Whether it’s about checking traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road or finding the nearest shawarma spot, it’s undeniable that it’s a huge part of our lives. UK’s does a yearly report on the most expensive countries for internet services, and the UAE ranks 12th. The average cost for broadband is $157.1 (Dhs 577) per month. 

Papa New Guinea ranks top, charging a whopping $1849.1 (Dhs 6.7k) per month. Kyrgystan ranks as the cheapest country, charging just $1.27 (Dhs 4.66) per month. 

Five most expensive countries in the world for internet services

1. Papua New Guinea: $1849.09 (Dhs 6,791)

2. Mauritania: $1368.72 (Dhs 5,027)

3. Namibia: $1117.87 (Dhs 4,105)

4. Laos: $818.13 (Dhs 3,0004)

5. Burkina Faso: $651.72 (Dhs 2,393)

Most expensive in the Middle East

Generally, the Middle East is quite an expensive region for internet. Most of the GCC countries rank among the top 25 countries for internet. UAE leads the regional rank, followed by Oman ($150.63), Qatar ($140.58), Bahrain ($96.29), Saudi Arabia ($95.72) and Kuwait ($54.6)

UAE is planning to stop pay-per-use for mobiles

Last week, UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) ordered du and Etisalat to discontinue the pay-per-use service. They claim it’s a move to protect subscribers “from excessive charges,” unless a subscriber needs one. Both the telecom operators will charge 30 fils for the first 15 minutes and then 2 fils per minute, when subscribed.