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UAE Rolls Out Good Behaviour Rewards Programme To Pay Fines

The UAE is promoting loyalty, respect and patriotism through a creative new initiative. The ‘Behavioural Reward Programme’, allows residents to pay fines with good behaviour.

Reward-based scheme for good behaviour towards UAE

UAE Deputy Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, and the Ministry of Possibilities in Dubai introduced this programme in an attempt to promote good behaviour among the public. The plan is to incentivise people with a points-based reward system that can be used for paying fines or for government services.

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Here’s how you could earn points and pay fines

More than 90 behaviours have been selected for this initiative. You could earn points by supporting families, promoting community interaction, or showing patriotism towards the nation. The full good behaviour list is yet to be announced.

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Initiative in line with UAE Vision 2021

With two years to go, the ‘Behavioural Reward Programme’ is in line with UAE Vision 2021’s aim to make the country among the best in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union.

The vision comprises of six national priorities, including world-class healthcare, a first-rate education system, sustainable environment and infrastructure, competitive knowledge economy, safe public and fair judiciary, and cohesive society and preserved identity.

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office
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