UAE temperatures rise
UAE temperatures rise

UAE set to get hot hot HOT this weekend as temperatures rise

Temperatures in the UAE are set to rise in the next week, with expected highs in the mid-30s.

After a January full of rain, wind and even snowmen, it seems Spring is well and truly in season in Dubai.

It wasn’t long ago that temperatures in Dubai were at the same level as Antarctica. But that’s all set to change, with temperatures in the UAE set to rise.

Expect cloudy and warm conditions over the weekend before the sun really hits at the start of next week. It’s expected that temperatures will soar into the mid-30s and remain there for most of the week.

As usual, mountain areas will be around 10 degrees cooler if anyone wants to escape the heat for the weekend.

The heat might also bring some extra humidity overnight. Which when you wake up could result in fog and mist according to the National Centre for Meteorology. So drive carefully!