UAE Ships Window Panes to Beirut That Will Help Repair 1000 Homes

A wonderful iniative by the Lebanese Council in the UAE is underway!

Thousands of window panes will be making its way from the UAE this week which will assist rebuild thousands of homes and shops that were destroyed by the port explosion in Beirut.

138 tonnes of glass has been loaded on to six shipment containers in Dubai which will depart for Lebanon today.

Together For Beirut’ Campaign

The 3.2 metre by 2.5 metre panels will be used to repair windows for over 1,000 homes and small businesses which were shattered in the blast.

This initiative is part of the ‘Together for Beirut’ campaign which has been launched by the Lebanese Business Council in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking about the initiative, Sufyan Saleh, president of the council says:

When we heard news of the explosion we came together to see what the immediate need was for those affected in the surrounding areas. The blast caused devastating structural damage across the city, especially to the facade of buildings, many of which were homes. The glass coverings will be fixed permanently and will prevent people from looting small shops and make people feel more secure in their homes.”

Two huge explosions rock downtown Beirut
Two huge explosions rock downtown Beirut

A Deadly Explosion

The blast had disastrous effects.

Buildings and homes as far away 20 kilometres from the port where the blast took place were destroyed. The explosion was caused by improper storage of ammonium nitrate at the port.

Sadly more than 150 people have been killed and 6000 injured. It also rendered hundreds of thousands homeless and in total has caused up to Dh55 billion in damages.

Saleh says that the glass panels being sent from the UAE would be able to cover about 9,000 square metres in all.

It will take several weeks to reach the Port of Tripoli, the only remaining major port in the country. Once the shipment arrives, teams will move to Beirut and start distributing for those who are most in need.