Photograph credit: Pixabay

UAE Student’s Instagram Video Sparks Outrage

In response to a UAE-based university student’s outrageous comments about aggression towards teachers, Abu Dhabi Police issued him a lengthy jail term with a hefty fine.

Outrage after UAE student’s video

After the university student shared a video encouraging violence against teachers on Instagram, his comments sparked quite an outrage among users on the social media network. The student, identified as a young GCC National, was slapped with an AED 500,000 fine a five-year jail term by Abu Dhabi Police.

Student defends his video

Before breaking the internet, the student’ video was deleted from Instagram. However, the student claims he didn’t intend to “incite hatred or violence.” He said, “I didn’t mean to mock the local accent, and I didn’t intend to incite hatred or violence against any segment of society. Neither did I intend to disrupt the natural order of our schools.”

Video shared to “create awareness” on Instagram

Meanwhile, the student says he created the video to “raise awareness” and was meant for “comedic relief” among him and his friends. He continued, “My video was for illustrative purposes only, showing that fights such as these take place. It was meant for comedic relief amongst me and my friends who are of the same age group. We wanted to shed light and raise awareness, giving advice on such incidents. Only my friends and I saw the video on Instagram.”