UAE to turn rubbish in Dubai into AED4 billion
UAE to turn rubbish in Dubai into AED4 billion

UAE to turn rubbish in Dubai into AED4 billion

The UAE has partnered up with five companies to turn the rubbish in Dubai into energy and generate AED4 billion in the process.

The new plant in the Warsan area will run for 35 years and process 5,666 tonnes of municipal waste from Dubai. Every. Day.

In total, the new processing plant will work its way through 1.9 million tonnes of Dubai rubbish per year. Eugh!

The waste will be converted into renewable energy and create 200MW of electricity which will be pumped into the local grid.

And when the facility is running at its peak, it will be able to process up to 45% of Dubai’s waste. Which will seriously cut down on the need for landfills.

The project is in line with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050. And it’s a huge, huge project. It needs 2,500 workers and 16 of the world’s biggest cranes to build it!

Ahmad Hamad Bin Fahad, Acting CEO of Dubai Holding, said: “Investment in green and sustainable projects is always close to our heart. We are very pleased to work with a broad spectrum of people working towards the realisation of one of the world’s largest single-site waste to energy projects in Dubai.  As always, Dubai leads by example and is a trendsetter and I’m confident the entire region will follow the footsteps of Dubai in implementing such a project that is good for generations to come.”

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