UAE visitors to get 'Martian Ink' passport stamp on arrival
UAE visitors to get 'Martian Ink' passport stamp on arrival

UAE visitors to get ‘Martian Ink’ passport stamp on arrival

The UAE is celebrating the historic arrival of the Hope probe in the Mars orbit by giving UAE visitors a ‘Martian Ink’ stamp on arrival.

Visitors coming into the country will have their passport stamped with a very cool Martian Ink. And – cool geek out alert – the ink is apparently made from the same rocks as those found on Mars.

The special stamp reads ‘You’ve arrived in the Emirates. The Emirates is arriving at Mars on 09.02.2021.’ And it also includes the country’s famous phrase ‘Impossible is Possible’.

The limited-edition ink is made from volcanic red rocks, very similar to the ones found on Mars.

The rocks were collected during a special mission to the UAE’s eastern Al Hajar Mountains and Sharjah’s Mleiha Desert by experts and gemologists. They were then crushed into a fine paste, dried in the sun, and mixed with glue to create three separate colors that represent the Red Planet – ready for stamping into the passports of thousands of visitors.

The Hope Probe is due to enter the next phase of its journey as it slows down and enters the Mars’ gravitational pull. Once safely in orbit, it will then start getting vital data on the Martian weather system.