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UAE Warriors

UAE Warriors 10 action and results

The Mubadala Arena was amped for the 10th edition of UAE Warriors this weekend. The rumble featured a stacked card of fighters including Chris Eubank’s son, Sebastian Eubank, Emirati fighter Mohammad Yahya, Team Alpha Male rising star Austin Arnett and last-minute replacement headliners Ibrahim Elsawi vs Maciej Sosnowski.

Ibrahim Elsawi vs Maciej Sosnowski

About the bout:

Round 1: Both fighters feel each other out for the two minutes of the round. Maciej lands a couple of shots but not much action. The referee gives them a warning for non-activity which lights a fire under Maciej and he lands a flurry of punches and kicks, takes his opponent down and finishes him via rear-naked choke.

Result: Maciej wins via first-round submission (rear-naked choke).

Elias Boudegzoame vs Austin Arnett

About the bout:

Round 1: Both fighters feel each other out at the start of their UAE Warriors battle, with Austin landing a few jabs whilst switching stance. Elias shoots and takes down his opponent ending up in full guard. He then takes Austin’s back but his opponent manages to get back to his feet. Elias lands a few good punches to end out the round.

Round 2: Elias lands a good right, Austin comes back with a left of his own and Elias lands a decent kick to the body. The fight is paused at 2:28 for a low knee to Austin. As it restarts they both ensue in a clinch battle. Elias takes his opponent down and get’s his back with one minute left. Looking for the rear-naked choke, he peppers him with punches until the bell rings.

Round 3: Austin stalks his opponent landing a few quick jabs. Both fighter exchange blows as Elyas slips and ends up in bottom position but gets back up. The fight is once again paused as Elias gets poked in the eye by his opponent. Once restarted, Austin lands a right but the fight is once again paused as Elias gets an eye poked again. The fight resumes and both fighter exchange blows. Elias gets the better of some exchanges as Austin stuffs a takedown attempt, with 50 seconds remaining they both trade shots looking to win the round.

Result: Elias wins via unanimous decision

Ahmed Labban vs Juho Valamaa

About the bout:

Round 1: Ahmed bounces in with a karate stance and pounces at his opponent landing some shots. Juho lands the takedown getting Labban in side control, Labban scrambles to his feet only to be taken down into side control again. Ahmed manages to transition into full guard but eats some shots from the top.

Round 2: Ahmed comes out fast and lands some good punches that hurt Juho, he chases Juho down landing numerous punches and kick but can’t finish his tough opponent. Jabban goes for a guillotine choke but doesn’t have it fully locked in and let’s go, leaving him in the bottom position. The Lebanese fighter transitions to an omoplata and they both go for leg locks which ends with Ahmed managing to land a few hammer fists.

Round 3: Both fighters look tired. Juho takes down his opponent with ease and transitions to full mount. Ahmed then manages to scramble to guard, both fighters are stood up by the referee and look visibly tired. Ahmed goes for a spinning back fist which misses and he gets taken down again ending up in half guard where the fight ends with Juho in top control.

Result: Juho Valamaa wins via Unanimous decision

Alan Omer vs Reydon Romero

About the bout: Round 1: Reydon and Alan exchange some shots on their feet. Alan takes down his opponent with ease, transitioning to full mount and eventually taking Reydon’s back and submitting him with a tight rear-naked choke.

Result: Alan Omer wins via first-round submission (rear-naked choke).

Mohammad Yahya vs Ramadan Noaman

About the bout:

Round 1: Yahya starts quickly landing some good shots and a couple of knees. The Emirati goes for a flamboyant flying knee and gets taken down but bounces right back up. Both fighters are landing in the standup exchanges which is high pace. Yahya lands a good spinning elbow and ends the round clinching with his opponent.

Round 2: Yahya applies pressure and lands some good knees from the clinch. Ramadan comes back with some shots of his own but gets taken down by Yahya who ensues with a barrage of ground-and-pound, finishing his opponent.

Result: Mohammad Yahya wins via second-round KO.

Seb Eubank vs Emad Eyad Hanbali

About the bout:

Round 1: Seb Eubank had a last-minute opponent change for UAE Warriors as Elmokadem pulled out, but it doesn’t faze Seb as gets some big shots in early. His last-minute replacement immediately looks to clinch and take him to the ground but Seb manages to stuff the takedown. Seb pours on the pressure and lands a flurry of punches dropping his opponent to one knee and resulting in the referee stepping in to stop the fight in the first round.

Result: Seb Eubank wins via first-round TKO.

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