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Denying service to riders is perfectly legal, and Uber drivers in Dubai have the right to decide if they’re uncomfortable picking up a passenger.

Passenger rating system

In case you haven’t used Uber, passengers have a ranking system, on a scale from 1-5. Your driver rates you based on your politeness, wearing the seatbelt, turning up on time to catch your ride and not giving orders.

Uber ride request rejected by Dubai passenger

In this person’s case, she has a rating of 4.34. Yet, an Uber driver denied her, saying “Your rating is really very bad I am not coming.” The passenger took to Twitter to post her frustration.

Uber replied, saying: “Things that seem small to you can matter to your driver – it’s easy to accidentally slam a door if you’re not thinking about it. Knowing a little more about the things that affect a driver’s happiness can help you be a 5-star rider.”

Here’s how you can improve your Uber rating

-Be at the pickup location on time.

-Message your driver through the app if you have special instructions for pick up.

-Don’t eat in the car.

-Stick to the destination you’ve chosen to be dropped at.

-Don’t order the driver which route to take.

Uber driver ride request rejects rejected reject passenger dubai

Photograph credit: Flickr

What’s your Uber rating?

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