Photograph credit: Hawkins Spizman Kilgo

Uber’s new fares will benefit those travelling during non-peak hours

Luxury transport giant Uber has announced its new fares with prices varying throughout the day and commuters will enjoy reduced prices while using their services during non-peak hours.

Prices will fluctuate throughout the day

Before this update, Uber had made changes to fluctuate prices only during peak hours. However, the new fares will apply the fluctuations throughout the day and during public holidays. For instance, reaching a destination at evening from 5-8pm will cost few more dirhams than reaching the destination between 2-4pm or 9-11pm.

Fees type

Old fares

New fares

Static base fare

8 dhs

5.4 dhs/6.7 dhs/10.6 dhs(varies on time of the day)


1.83 dhs per kilometre

2.25 dhs per kilometre


0.5 dh per minute

0.25 dh per minute

Waiting charge

0.5 dh per minute

0.5 dh per minute

Minimum fare

17 dhs

15 dhs

Booking fees has increased and waiting charge has reduced

Previously, Uber’s booking fee was 3 dhs exclusive from the minimum fare. However, the new fares has increased the booking fee to 5 dhs exclusive of the minimum fare. Whereas, the rate based on time travelled has reduced from 50 fils to 25 fils.

Price fluctuations applies to UberSELECT and UberVIP

Categories like UberBLACK, UberONE, UberHIRE and UberXL, are exempt from the fares fluctuations. Earlier this year, Uber had increased its prices by up to 1.7% due to VAT. Although transport is exempt from being taxed, Uber comes under ‘marketplace services’ due to which VAT is applicable.