UK makes breakthrough with Coronavirus drug
UK makes breakthrough with Coronavirus drug

UK makes major breakthrough with life-saving Coronavirus drug

The UK has announced a huge breakthrough in treating Coronavirus thanks to a low-dose steroid drug that’s already available.

Dexamethasone is being tested as part of the world’s biggest trial treatments. And it’s had impressive results so far.

In studies so far, it cuts the risk of death by a third for patients on ventilators. And it reduces the risk of death by a fifth for those on oxygen.

The low-dose steroid is relatively cheap and easy to make. And the drug could make a life-saving difference to Coronavirus patients around the world.

The UK has is ordering 200,000 doses for the NHS. And they believe it could make a huge impact on the Coronavirus pandemic.

How it works

The drug helps reduce inflammation in a range of conditions including arthritis and asthma. And when it’s used for Covid-19 patients, it helps stop the body’s immune system going into overdrive.

In the worst cases, the body reacts too strongly to the Coronavirus, creating a cytokine storm that overwhelms the body. This over-reaction can be deadly, but the low-dose steroid helps calm the immune response.

Tests for all

The UAE meanwhile is working towards being able to test all of its residents for Coronavirus.

The UAE has already tested over two million residents across the UAE, thereby making the UAE into one of the world-leaders.