Dubai number plate license makes over AED36 million
Dubai number plate license makes over AED36 million

V12 number plate goes for AED7 million at Dubai auction

A number plate auction in Dubai made more than AED36 million when 90 premium plates went up for sale.

And the biggest seller was the V12 number plate which got several buyers into a bidding war before finally being sold for AED7 million.

Other big-money number plates included S20 which went for AED4.06 while the Y66 sold for AED3.2 million.

It’s the 104th number plate auction by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority with 90 number plates up for sale in total.

There was nothing to rival 2016’s big winner though when Indian businessman Balwinder Sahni paid the eye-watering amount of AED33 million for the D5 plate.

It’s good to see not everyone has been effected financially by the global economic slowdown caused by the pandemic.

Time to start saving for the DU3A1LAD number plate!

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