Validity period of Alhosn green status reduced

During a briefing held by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) , changes to the validity period of ‘green status’ on Al hosn app as well as the upholding of the mask mandate in the UAE has been announced.

The Authority took the opportunity to reconfirm how well the UAE has handled the Covid-19 pandemic, but is now encouraging the public to continue to be vigilant against the spread of the virus.

Validity of the Green Pass

According to the new regulations, the validity of the Green Pass on the UAE’s official Alhosn app for the Covid-19 registry has been reduced to 14 days, down from 30 days.

In April, the validity for ‘green status’ on the Alhosn app was extended to thirty days but this extension has now been retracted.

The validity has been reduced as a measure to encourage the public to increase the testing frequency and maintain social safety in order to further reduce the spread of the virus in the UAE.