Photograph credit: Hindustan Times and Twitter

The Inside Of This ATM Machine Had Money Worth Thousands Destroyed

Even shock is an understatement to respond to this bizarre incident that happened in India due to which an ATM machine was discovered to have money worth thousands destroyed.

Bank was discovered to have money worth Dhs 65,000 destroyed

State Bank of India was receiving numerous complaints about the malfunctioning of an ATM machine in the North Indian state of Assam. When the problem reached out to the local police, they sent a vault-cutting unit to open the ATM machine and were taken by surprise when they found destroyed money worth INR 12 lacks(Dhs 64,618).

Money was destroyed by rats

While clearing the banknotes from the machine, the vault-cutting team found dead rats inside, which most obviously are the reason for the destroyed banknotes. However, not all the money in the machine has been destroyed, the team discovered there’s money worth 1.7 million rupees(Dhs 92,000) remained in normal condition.

Rats managed to enter because of holes

Police officials confirmed there’s no crime or theft linked to this incident, but what led to the damage were because of holes in the ATM machine made to connect wires. Neither has the State Bank of India team hasn’t made any announcement on the incident, nor has any official from India’s Ministry of Finance made a comment.