Photograph credit: Instagram/saudinews50

Madcap Saudi gets arrested for jumping in front of a truck

Saudi Arabia’s Police has arrested a Saudi teenager for performing a jump close to a speeding truck on a freeway in Medinah.

Madcap has been detained

Saudi Traffic Police caught the teenager and the car over which he performed the jump. He will face charges for putting others’ lives in danger. The video shows the teenager jumping on the last lane of the freeway, leaving the truck with no choice but to instantly change lanes. Luckily, there was no vehicle driving parallel to the truck.

Stunts like these can land hefty fines in Saudi Arabia

Reckless driving and dangerous stunts are common and can lead to huge fines. According to Gulf News, in Saudi Arabia, a first-time offender will be fined SAR 20,000 (Dhs 19,580) with the vehicle impounded for 15 days. A second time-offender will be fined SAR 40,000 (Dhs 39,160) followed by a third-time offender fined SAR 60,000 (Dhs 58,740) and vehicle confiscation.

Last time a video went viral showing a kid speeding

From the bizarre car culture in Saudi Arabia, a video showing a kid driving a car at high speeds went viral earlier this year. The video clearly showed it was a Lexus vehicle and the speedometer showed two pins on mid right indicating the car was driven at a high speed and RPM while loud shaila music was played.