Photograph credit: YouTube/Amazing or Funny and The Guardian

VIDEO: Mali’s ‘Spider-Man’ is being rewarded with something big from French President Macron

Paris resident Mamoudou Gassama’s superhero move to rescue a toddler on a building has won hearts of French residents and immigrants for his bravery.

Gassama rescued the child from the fourth floor

Last Saturday, the rescue happened and its video went viral showing the 22-year old Mali national climb rescue a toddler from the fourth floor of a building in the 18th Arrondissement of Paris. Videos showed there were crowds around the building and they loudly cheered Gassama as he climbed up. In a statement from the ‘French Spider-Man’, he said he performed the rescue “without thinking.”

President Macron rewarded him with French citizenship

Next day after the rescue, Gassama was called for a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace, who rewarded him with French citizenship, a medal for his act of “bravery and devotion” and a job with France’s fire and emergency service. According to The Guardian, Gassama was living in Paris “without official papers” since September.

Lassana Bathily was offered citizenship for a similar heroic act in 2015

Similar to Gasama’s incident, former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls recognized a Malian immigrant for protecting customers at a supermarket in Paris from a terrorist attack by providing him French citizenship. Bathily was working in France for nine years before the attack happened.