Photograph credit: Instagram/groupfazza

Sheikh Hamdan Saved An Animal And It Doesn’t Seem As Easy As How He Did The Rescue

Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum is known for his travels and for being an adrenaline junkie, but this heroic act to save an animal’s life is earning him praises from all of his social media followers.

Sheikh Hamdan rescued an Arabian Gazelle

Dearly known as Fazza, he posted a series of videos on his Instagram Stories of him spotting an Arabian Gazelle, not in his best condition, his horns and foot were stuck to a rope. Soon, Fazza and a group with him got hold of the gazelle and began cutting off the rope from the foot and then from the horn. Not only that, the gazelle was hydrated with water before setting free.



Recently Sheikh Hamdan shared an adorable video with birds

With his father, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the duo were delighted to see how a couple of birds flew around them and one would only land on their heads. It’s known among every Dubai resident that the Crown Prince is an active Instagram user and he also posted a video of Sheikh Mohammed a couple of weeks ago, spending time feeding birds in a closed area. It shows that the Maktoum family are animal lovers.


! يـا سبحـــــان الله

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Sheikh Hamdan recently ordered for reduction in hotels’ fees

With the peak tourism season approaching, tourists will be relieved to know that the Crown Prince has announced a 3% reduction from the fees on the sale value of hotels and restaurants in town. Alongside, he also announced that private schools in Dubai cannot increase its fees in the upcoming academic year.