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Photograph credit: YouTube and Twitter/ADPoliceHQ

VIDEO: Teenager falls victim to reckless driving in Al Ain

Speeding and drifting are two of the most uncontrollable driving conditions that can land one with hefty fines or license suspension, but this stunt, unfortunately, turned out fatal.

Racing costed a young Arab’s life

During an illegal race in Al Ain, two Nissan Patrol SUVs floored their accelerators, accelerating at high speeds until the grey SUV on the right drifted left, spinning and ramming a 19 years-old Arab on the footpath. The second white SUV managed to apply the brakes immediately and keep away from too much damage

Police are looking out for the person who filmed the accident

Filming stunt driving and speeding isn’t allowed in the country and the Abu Dhabi Police is looking for the individual who shot the video. The rest of the young Arabs responsible for organizing the street race have been caught and will face legal action. Currently, the driver of the offending vehicle is going through treatment and is in police custody.

Recently a Saudi national put his life in danger by jumping on a freeway

Last week, a video was circulated across social media showing a young Saudi national jumping from a sedan on the side of the freeway to the first lane right in front of a truck, whose driver was left with no choice but to change lanes instantly. The video was viral enough to reach the Saudi Police team and has issued legal charges on the young Arab.