Photograph credit: Needpix

VIDEO: Watch how Seat manufactures its cars using dancing robots

Car manufacturer Seat is up to something waggish at its production unit in Barcelona as they released a video showing the robots dance to classical music.

2,000 robots were used

Surprisingly, the Spanish automaker’s dancing robots can make the body of a car within just 68 seconds! The manufacturing unit has 2,000 employees and 7,000 employees working day and night since the last 25 years at the Martorell factory, sizing up to 400 football fields. According to The Sun, the robots can move up to 720 degrees.

Dancing robots are part of their ‘Smart Factory’ vision

Several distinctions have come under Seat’s name towards making their workplace a ‘Smart Factory.’ Last year, the European Organization for Quality awarded Seat as ‘Leader in Quality’, recognizing their efforts towards “promoting the digital transformation of the factory’s production processes,” according to Seat’s media centre.

Seat had sales of 470,000 units last year

Car sales improved by 14.7% last year in November and sold 61,000 units more than in 2016. Countries like Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Belgium account for the highest customers for the Spanish car manufacturer. They’ve enjoyed great success this year as their compact hatchback, Seat Ibiza was nominated as the ‘Car of the Year’ at the Geneva Motor Show.

Photograph credit: Auto Expres