Photograph credit: Pixabay

VIDEO: Caged tiger at a Miami school prom causes outrage amongst the community

Social media users have been taken by shock after an unusual video went viral showing an animal roar inside a cage at a high school prom in Miami, Florida.

The Prom hosted a tiger to accompany a dance performance

A school named after Christopher Columbus hosted the prom and its theme was ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. The Christopher Columbus High School team took to Instagram to post videos of a dance performance including fire in front of the tiger whilst he moved around the cage and roared. The videos didn’t take too long to go viral and the school has received criticism from everywhere.

More animals were present at the prom

Besides the tiger, there was a lemur, two macaws and an African fennec fox present at the prom although there’s no image or video evidence showing the animals. Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision has been called into this matter and according to CNN, apparently the school “holds an FWC license to exhibit exotic animals.” The prom was provided with the exotic animals by Predators’ Unlimited.

Recently a crazy wildlife exhibition happened in Canada

Feeding ice cream to a bear turned out disastrous for Alberta Zoo in Canada after a video showing a Kodiak bear being fed ice cream from Dairy Queen received global criticism for taking the animal to the public and the Alberta Zoo didn’t inform its authority, Alberta Fish and Wildlife. The zoo had to make up for it by paying a fine costing $500 (Dhs 1.836).