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Vietnamese Foodies Review: Contemporary Vietnamese Food In A Casual Setting

In a city that’s no stranger to international cuisine, Vietnamese Foodies impresses with their mix of authentic and contemporary Vietnamese dishes. We recently headed to the restaurant for its opening in Downtown, and here are our thoughts.

Location & access

Located at Burj Vista, Downtown, it was easy to reach and we parked at Dubai Opera’s free basement parking, which is just a few steps away from the restaurant. The hosts welcomed us promptly and seated us with idyllic views of Downtown.

Ice coolers

The waiters talked us through the menu and beverages on offer. We started off by ordering a cold-pressed lychee soda (Dhs 15) and an orange lemongrass coconut juice (Dhs 17). The lychee soda, topped with mint and lychee pulp, was refreshing and made a perfect summer drink. The orange lemongrass coconut juice, however, was too concentrated.

Contemporary Vietnamese appetizers

For starters, we ordered two cold and two hot appetizers… the Khai Vi Thap Cam – grilled chicken lettuce rolls (Dhs 44) had an unbalanced proportion of chicken and lettuce and the pieces of chicken were minimal. However, the traditional dipping sauce helped. The Goi Du Du Tom – a green papaya prawn salad (Dhs 24) was flavoured to perfection and the prawns were tender.

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For hot appetizers, we opted for Ga Rang Muo – crispy chicken in lime leaf salt (Dhs 23) and Tom Cay Trung Ca – dynamite prawns with fish roe (Dhs 37). The seasoning and crispiness definitely makes the Ga Rang Muoi a must-have. However, the strong mustard sauce in the Tom Cay Trung Ca was spicier than we anticipated.

All appetizer portions were enough for two.

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Mouthwatering authentic dishes for the mains

Undeniably, a Vietnamese dinner isn’t complete without pho. So, without any hesitation, we ordered a Beef Brisket Noodle Pho (Dhs 45), and Tom Kho Nuoc Dua – coconut braised prawns with rice (Dhs 42). The pho was very flavourful and enough for two people. If you’re a fan of spicy curries, we highly recommend the Tom Kho Nuoc Dua, cooked with large pieces of prawns and coconut sauce.

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Our top picks:

Lychee soda (Dhs 15)

Tom Kho Nuoc Dua (Dhs 42)

Beef brisket noodle Pho (Dhs 45)

Vietnamese Foodies is open daily at Burj Vista, Downtown. For reservations, call 04 5542090