FIFA World Cup
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Viral Alert: Check Out This Hilarious FIFA Mimicry By A Dubai Comedian

Mimicry comedian Mad Shadz has got the city cracked into laughter again after releasing a new video imitating several nationalities predicting the World Cup winners.

Mimicry of eight nationalities, hell yeah!

Shadi Tohme, who goes by the name Mad Shadz, is no stranger to the comedy scene in UAE and his mimicry talent has amused social media users across the country and in the internet world. He imitated eight natonalities; French, Indian, Russian, Egyptian, English, Nigerian, German and Italian. Check it out!

We are still the defending champions of title for best commentator”

Perhaps the most amusing part we enjoyed was when Shadz imitated the English predicting World Cup winners, believing England will at least win the title for “best commentator” if not the World Cup. Another part you’d be amused by was when he immitaed Indian World Cup predictions, boasting India cannot be the best in everything after “science, education, food, technology, cricket.”

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Mimicry has already landed him with half a million hits!

Within three weeks of the video’s release, it’s got up to 490,000 views on Facebook and his followers couldn’t resist it but to comment saying it’s a work of “genius” and of “great laugh”. One follower even urged Shadz to do football commentary, promising to watch football again. We can’t wait to hear his commentary!

Check out his latest mimicry on bargaining

Last week, the comedian star released another humourous clip about the most common habit among shoppers-bargaining!. He imitated a great deal by nationalities with a large expat population in the country, notably Persians, Filipinos, Lebanese and Indians as well as shopers from New York City, Canada, Nigeria, Spain and China. Take a look!