Photograph credit: Twitter/CloeCouture

Viral audio clip ‘Yanni vs Laurel’ has the world divided’s computer generated clip has got social media users arguing over the pronunciation of a word being either ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’.


Pronunciation has nothing to do with the illusion

Numerous social media users including celebrities argued over the pronunciation as the reason for hearing differing words. However, in a tweet by user @earthvesselquotes, he proved the word can be differed by adjusting bass levels, which he did on a software. The clip can be heard differently while listening on an earphone or on speakers.


Illusion was discovered on Reddit

Four days ago, a thread was created on the discussion website addressing the audio clip and it didn’t take too long to go viral by its users, with 1,300 comments on the thread. The comments show users taking sides with the word they heard while some heard both the words after repeating the audio. The thread was able to catch the attention of sound professionals who emphasized on the differing pitch that can change the sounds of the words.


‘Laurel vs Yanny’ isn’t the only debate that got the world divided

Numerous viral videos and memes have taken over the internet by storm, mainly because of its content having either a humorous or shocking factor to it. Similar to the audio clip, a post of a dress got the world divided because of its colour three years ago. One-half of social media users viewed the dress and black and blue in colour while the other half viewed it as gold and white in colour.

Photograph credit: Panther Print